About us (Company history)

ALPLASTIC Ltd. was founded in 2002. The core activity of the company when founded was surface finishing for aluminum and bronze castings, in order to prepare them for painting, and sewing of technical textiles.

One of Company’s newest business activities from 2013 is the domestic wholesale and trading of first-class, general and special-purpose original plastic granulates. These plastic granulates are manufactured in several European and non-European petrochemical companies (for example: ENI, Exxon Mobil, Slovnaft, TVK, Unipetrol, Rompetrol, SABIC, Qatar-Chem, Neo Group, Basel). Plastic granulates offer considerable price advantages to existing and prospective partners.

From 2014 the main activities of our company are, trading, designing and constructing innovative, new reinforced composite plastic products, for example: floor gratings and sheets, handrails, railings and railing systems, ladders, manhole covers, fences, stairs and stair step coverings, hollow sections, etc. – mainly for the industrial users. We offer consulting to support your needs before implementation.

From the end of year 2015, we introduced a new activity and became a dealer for PurgeMax a detergent for cleaning and maintenance of plastic machinery. We are a domestic distributor and European vendor as well.