Alplastic Kft.


  • At the foundation of our company in 2002 the activity was aluminum and bronze castings surface finishing, and sewing of technical textiles.

  • Since 2013. expanded our companies scope of activity with the wholesale of first class general and special usage factory plastic granules.

  • From 2014, our main profile has been the production, distribution, and related design, construction and consultation of innovative fiberglass reinforced composite plastic construction materials.

  • From 2019, our company expanded into a new line of business, which became wholesale of electronic products (factory cell phones, tablets and smart watches).

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  • Manufacturing, trading of reinforced composite plastic products, design, consulting and implementation.

  • General and special use first quality, original plastic granulates wholesale.

  • Wholesale of factory electronics (mobile phones, tablets, and smart watches).

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  • Reinforced composite plastic sheets and walkway flooring, gratings, stair steps and stair step covers, handrails and handrail systems, ladders with fall protection, separation fences, profiles and hollow sectiones, cabel trays, cable chanels, manhole covers and water and sewer flanges, shelfs and racking systems.

  • General and special use first class original plastic granulates.

  • Wide range of factory electronics: phones, tablets and smart watches.